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June 2, 2017
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Various Reasons You Should Stop Eating Beef

Meat is a basic component of our diet. Variety of meat includes chicken, beef and mutton. Beef is a package of proteins and nutrients. Although beef is very delicious, it may have adverse effects on some people. Due to its high protein and fat content, it is not suitable for elderly and sick people. Still, its benefits do not outweigh its adverse effects. If at all they do, beef can be replaced with other meat.

Here are few reasons why one should avoid eating beef.

  • Beef Has High Fat Content

Among other varieties of meat, beef has highest fat content. An average piece of beef contains around 10 to 15 grams of fat. This fat content can be reduced if the beef is grilled. Slowly fried beef has more fat content. Consuming too much fat may cause you to get obese.

  • High Cholesterol Levels

Beef has high cholesterol in it. It causes a person’s cholesterol to rise above normal values. This cholesterol goes into the vessels and gets deposited there. This makes the basics of heart attack and stroke.

  • Decreases Lifespan

A person consuming too much beef is a risk of multiple diseases. This includes diabetes, heart diseases, intestinal cancer and stroke. Other types of diseases include cancer of pancreas or stomach. The reason behind this is carcinogenic property of beef.

  • Hardening of vessels

Beef has “Carnitine” as one of its component. This element causes hardening of blood vessels in the body. Thus increased levels of Carnitine cause increase risk of heart attack.

  • As a Source of Hydatid Cyst

Uncooked or poorly cooked beef has Hydatid Cyst in it. Consuming such beef can transfer the cyst. This cyst can grow in brain, liver or abdomen. Surgical treatment is the mainstay of its management.

  • Hormone Fed Cow’s Beef Is Dangerous

In some areas, people give hormone feed to cows. These hormones have side effects. They can cause infertility or cancer in human.

  • Memory Disturbance

Beef is a rich source of iron. Consuming too much iron can disturb brain’s functions. In elderly, high iron causes Alzheimer’s disease. This disease causes loss of memory in adults.

  • Causes Obesity

Beef consumption causes increase in waistline. Obesity is the basic factor for diabetes and heart diseases. A thin lean vegetarian friend of yours can outlive you.

It is not a must to avoid eating beef. It has great nutritious value for growing age. But people above 40 years of age should use it with caution. A steak made over steam is the best choice. One can cook it with vegetables to cut down caloric content. Less frequent use is also a modality to avoid side effects.



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