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July 1, 2017
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Use of Cell Phones Equivalent to Cocaine Usage for Kids

Is the youngest member of your family allowed to use cell phones? Does he spend considerable time on phone or internet? Is he always busy listening to poems or watching cartoons on cell phone?

If it is so, you should think thrice about health hazards of this activity. The blog is highlighting the harmful effects of cell phones on kid’s health.

The latest researches show that the use of cell phone has similar harmful impacts on children health as that of cocaine usage. This is because the children are living in a society flooded with radio waves, used in cell phones. Children are more prone to face side effects of such gadgets.

  • Non- Cancerous Tumors

Studies show that the children who use cell phones regularly are at a risk of having non -cancerous tumors. These tumors may arise in ear or brain.

  • Cancer Ratio

Children are at a risk of having caner more than adults. It happens due to undeveloped structures and thin membrane of the brain. The brain absorbs 60 percent more radiations than an adult.

  • Impaired Cognitive Functions

Studies have shown that just one hour of cell phone usage affects structure of kid’s brain. It impairs their intellectual and cognitive functions. Their learning ability is affected twice that of an adult. So does the cocaine.

  • Performance in School

After the high incidence of cell phones usage, kids performance at school has declined. Many students are allowed to take cell phones to school. They pay more attention to calls and messages than their curricular activities.

  • Access to Pornographic Material

Children have access to such material via internet. They misuse such images. Their healthy mind gets indulged in inappropriate activities.

  • Exams Malpractice

Cell phones are also a source of cheating during exams. Some may use calculator. Others use already stored pictures. Some may take help of internet to solve a question.

  • Eyesight Gets Weaker

Continuous use of cell phones affects eyesight badly. It is one sole reason of every other child wearing glasses. This weakening of eyesight is irreversible. It also affects academic performance badly.

Precautionary Measures

  • Children below 14 years of age should not be allowed to use cell phones.
  • Children above 14 years should only be using cell phones for an hour daily.
  • Parents should watch over how the children are using cell phones.
  • They should not be allowed to take cell phones to schools and academies.


This issue is highlighted for the parents so that they can review their children habit of using cell phones. Hopefully, it will work out best for the concerned parents.

Warda Imtiaz

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