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July 17, 2017
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What are the side effects of being a non-vegetarian?

Non-vegetarian diet includes animal proteins. These are poultry, meat, eggs and milk products.  Pure vegetarian or non-vegetarian diet has been a sparkling topic for many years. One of the most frequently asked questions is that is meat a necessity for our body? The others include questions regarding cancer causing property of meat. Many people are interested in knowing the side effects of non-vegetarian diet.

Here is the article to clear facts and misconceptions about meat intake.

  • Non-Vegetarian Diet is Costly

Most of the world population is living below poverty lines. They cannot afford to eat red meat. It is a luxurious dietary element.

  • High Risk of Heart Diseases

People who consume high meat are at a risk of having heart diseases. Meat has a high content of cholesterol in it. This cholesterol can deposit in blood vessels. This results in the formation of cholesterol clot. It hinders blood circulation so the heart has to overwork to pump blood to the organs. This ultimately leads to weakening of heart muscles leading to heart failure.

  • Meat May be Carcinogenic

High consumption of meat can cause colorectal cancer. Many studies have shown that high intake of meat can cause cancer of intestine. There are two theories regarding basis on cancer. One says that heme iron present in meat releases carcinogenic toxins. The other is, improper digestion of meat can cause cancer.

  • Non- Vegetarian Diet Does Not Give Strength

Non-Vegetarian diet alone cannot provide strength to the body. Many nutritional components are present only in the fresh green leafy vegetables. A well-balanced diet is a key factor for marinating quality of life.

  • Non- Vegetarian Diet Does Not Support Bones

Non-Vegetarian diet causes the elimination of alkaline ions from the body. The body tries to replace the ions from bones. This results in loss of ion reservoir from bones. It gradually makes bones less strong. These bones can get fracture easily.

  • It Affects Nervous System Badly

Meat is basically protein in nature. Breakdown of proteins produces nitrogen and ammonia compounds. These compounds are harmful waste materials in the body. Their build up in the body affects our nerves. The person is unable to concentrate on work. His memory gets poorer day by day.

  • Financial Crunch for the Country

Production and maintenance of meat is a costly project. A country has to invest more than 40 percent of its income to maintain poultry and meat requirements. According to a rough idea, 8 kg of vegetable food is required by cattle to produce only one kg of meat.

  • Directly Linked to Obesity

Consumption of red meat causes fat deposition in the body. It is directly linked to weight gain. The more the input of meat, the greater is the chances of getting obese.  Obesity is the root cause of many diseases like hypertension and diabetes.


Warda Imtiaz

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