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June 22, 2017
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How Do Pets Make Us Happy and Healthy

People love to have pets at home. It is an expensive hobby. But there are millions of people out there, who cannot imagine their lives without pets. This may be due to the fact that the pets provide us with incredible happiness and fun. Dr Becker says

The more time you spend with your four legged companion, the  better you feel’”.

The article throws light on different ways our pets make us happy.

  • They Keep Us Physically Alert

A person needs to go out for a walk with his pet. He may play tennis with his pet. A person also works physically for grooming his pet. This physical activity makes a person alert. This alertness keeps us away from depression and exhaustion.

  • A Person Having Pet is Never Alone

Animals will always be there for their owner. Pets are always happy to have their owners around. They may be a source of changing your bad mood instantly. They make u feel happy with their innocent and naughty skills.

  • One Can Have A Walk in Fresh Air

One can discover natural beauty with his pet. As the pets need regular walk, you can end up in a striking place with your pet. It also gives a relief from daily stress of work. So they make us happy when we visit local parks, lakes or hilly areas.

  • Animals May Encourage Social Life

An innocent cute animal always catches attention. For example, if you have taken your pet on a walk many other dog owners will have a chit chat with you. They may ask about the animal’s name, breed or habits. This develops a friendly relationship between two persons having pets at homes.

  • Animals Can Keep You Healthy

Animals contribute a great deal towards our health. They reduce stress level in humans. They keep our blood pressure lower through their loving habits. They also aid in the release of endorphins. These are known as “Happy Hormones”. They kill stress and relieve pain. A dog’s owner will recover faster from any illness than a person not having a pet.

  • They Help in Keeping Families United

Animals living at our home become just like our family members. They aid in keeping things over between family members. They enjoy life events of their owners. They stay loyal and even share sorrows of theirs owners.

  • They Keep Our lives In An Order

Pets assist us in maintaining discipline in our lives. They take us out for a walk. They boost our mood. They help us managing our routine activities.  A pet can help you get up in if you are in low mood.

So these are the points in favor of having a pet at home.

There may be few disadvantages of having a pet at home.

But, their benefits outweigh their adverse effects.



Warda Imtiaz

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