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June 13, 2017
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How Pets Are Helping Different Handicapped/ Special/ Abnormal People in All Over the World

Animals and birds are wonderful creation of God. They can be trustworthy companions for humans. They also are helping disabled, special and handicapped people. This trend is set all over the world. They can help in making people understand physical and emotional needs of such people.

Following stuff provides sufficient evidence in support of this idea. If you intend to keep a pet at home to help a special child, read the benefits below.

  • Family Pet Can Help Autistic Child

A pet can be really helpful for special child. Autism is one of the best examples. For example, a cat can give full time company to an autistic child. It can also help the child in learning new thing. It may act as a sensory device for the kid.

  • Fish as a Best Friend

Keeping fish tank at home can be a peaceful idea. It can be helpful for persons having sensory system disturbances. A family says their fish tank keeps their girl calm throughout the day. They can also help her sleep better at night.

  • Dogs can Assist Special person

A dog is the best friend for an autistic person. In west, there are companies that provide dogs for autistic persons. They provide services for children in 3 to 10 years of age.

  • Rabbits Make Social Interactions Easy

Rabbits can help people interact with colleagues. Any disabled person, who is afraid of making social interactions, can use rabbits.

  • Dogs Can Assist Routine Activities

Canine Partners is UK charity based company. It provides specially trained dogs for disabled person. They help people who have limited ability of walking. They can open up doors for them. They may help them to get dresses up. They can even load or unload washing machines.

  • Friend for a Person with Learning Disabilities

Children can have low learning abilities or can be mentally retarded. Pets can help them spend a good time. They help them to learn new things. They provide them with full time company as a friend.

  • Dogs Help Deaf Persons

Dogs are given training to distinguish different sounds. They can pick sounds of ringing telephones, door bell ringing or alarm clock. They convey the message to their owner intelligently.

  • Riding a Horse, More Than Fun.

Horse riding is done as a habit or for the sake of fun. But researchers show it is of great benefit for disabled persons. They improve muscle strength for the persons with cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy and Multiple sclerosis.

  • As a Guide For Blinds

Dogs are enrolled in different training programs. They are trained to guide blind people. They can take blind people to offices or cafe. They can also help them cross a road with heavy traffic.

So the article throws light on all the ways pets are helping disabled people. They can make lifestyle much better!



Warda Imtiaz

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