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May 26, 2017
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Ostrich Farming In All Over the World



Their scientific name is Struthio camelus. Ostrich is a bird and it is considered as largest bird on Earth the basis of height and weight. Their size is equal to the size of a man of height of 6ft which is approximately equal to 7-9ft.  They are Omnivores animals which mean that they eat both grass and meat. The average age of Ostrich is about 30-40 years. Ostrich is found in Pink, White, Grey, Black and Brown color.  They mostly live in the savanna areas and deserts.

Ostrich Meat:

The meat of ostrich is very healthy as compared to beef, mutton, turkey, pork and chicken. The meat of Ostrich is beneficiary for people of every age group as it contains less cholesterol, calories and fats. The meat of Ostrich is “Red meat” and tastes like beef.  The meat of Ostrich is very expensive as it is not easily available as all other meat. The major portion of the meat comes from thighs, leg and back.  The quantity of the meat produced by Ostrich is very large.


The diet of Ostrich is simple and they can be brought up easily.  As they are omnivores so they can be brought up both on grass or on insects etc.  The difficult period of Ostrich life in which diet is to be given with care and should contain all the proper nutrients is the first 3-5 months. And they grew up early as compared to other animals. Ostrich matures in almost 14 weeks.


Ostrich is mostly found in Africa as they live in dry, hot and in forest.  They are found in Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia Sudan, Kenya, South Africa, Ethiopia, Somalia, Mali, Chad and Mozambique. The climate of these countries supports their growth. And according to the facts and figures it is rarely found in Asia as it is being hunted in Asia excessively.

Cost on farming:

The farm of an ostrich is very productive and it proves to be very beneficiary for the person who is setting this farm. The price of a bird starts from about $500 along with the Ostrich cost you need to build a fence of about 6ft.  But the cost you spend on building the Ostrich farm will be returned to you in a short span of time as the meat of Ostrich is  really expensive, Ostrich produces around 40 eggs per year and last but not the least 50 square meter leather and 36 kilograms of feathers.


Ostrich are very useful not only for the consumer as its meat is very healthy but also for the farmer who keeps them because they will give him/her a huge profit.


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