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June 8, 2017
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Mobiles, Bluetooth Devices or Wi-Fi Signals Affect Human Health! Is It Just a Rumor or Reality?

It is so reasonable to think what effects does cell phones and all such devices have on our health. It is due to the fact that we are surviving in a world of technology. Number of wireless networks is working on radio waves in our surroundings. These waves are present not only at our workplace but also at home.

Types of Radiations

In order to understand effects of cell phones, Bluetooth devices and other technology we need to know about radiations. There are two types of radiations.

  • Ionizing Radiations: They are the rays with charged ions. They have the ability to cause cancer. Examples of these rays include X- rays and Gamma rays.
  • Non- ionizing Radiations: These radiations cannot split into ions. They don’t have the ability to cause cancer. Examples are microwaves and radio frequency waves.

Effects of Cell Phones on Human Health


  • Heating Effects:

Mobile phones operate on radiofrequency waves. These are non- ionizing waves. Such waves can only increase body temperature to a little extent. This is why the cell phones can only heat up body part in contact with them.

  • Road Accidents:

As we know young generation is over involved in using cell phones. They do use phones on the road while driving. This results in life threatening accidents.

  • Eyesight weakening:

Over use of cell phones also leads to refractive errors such as myopia or hypermetropia.

  • Carcinogenic effects:

Scientists have not found any evidence regarding cancer causing effects of cell phones. Various studies show that cell phones can only increase body temperature. They cannot damage DNA so they cannot promote cancer cells.

Effects of Wi-Fi Router on Health

Like cell phones, Wi-Fi router also works on the principles of radio waves. As they are weak and non- ionizing rays, they cannot cause cancer. However, there are evidences that radiofrequency waves, at high frequencies can cause cancer. One of its examples is skin cancer due to sun rays.

Following are the impacts of Wi-Fi on human health.

  • It Causes Insomnia

Anyone who uses internet late at night suffers from insomnia. He may feel difficulty falling asleep after using internet. Wi-Fi signals interfere with sleep patterns.

  • Effects on Fetal Development

Wi-Fi router radiations have some effects on human baby development. Studies show that these rays delay formation of kidneys in womb. They also interfere with formation of proteins in fetal body. As protein is building block of the body, baby cannot grow.

  • Increase in Cardiac Activity

Some individuals report an increase in heart rate when present in electromagnetic field.

Effects of Bluetooth Devices on Health

  • Affect Cell Growth

The radiations of these devices hinder cell growth. Studies show that the plants present in magnetic field cannot grow. So is the case with humans.

  • Affect Brain Activity

A study exposed females to Bluetooth devices for 45 minutes. Scientists were there to notice brain activity and energy level.

Stay away from technology, stay safe!


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