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“Magnesium vs. Calcium” Which One Is Better For Human Bones

Calcium and Magnesium make the skeletal system of the body. They both play a crucial role in bone formation. In addition to providing strength to the skeletal system, bones also serve as a source of calcium for body. People need a constant input of calcium to maintain their skeletal system. Deficiency of these minerals will cause bones fractures and other such issues.

Role of Calcium in Bones Maintenance

  • Provide Strength to the Bones

During growth of the bones, calcium is deposited in the bones. Deposition of calcium to the new bone cells makes the hard. Calcium is deposited in the bones in the form of different complexes. These are calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, and calcium fluoride. This combination of minerals with new bones cells gives them strength. It prevents bones from getting fractured.

  • Calcium is Necessary for Bone Growth

Formation of bones continues throughout the life of a person. There are different cells in the bones. One of them is Osteoblasts. These are bone forming cells. Osteoclasts resolve old bones which have low content of calcium in them. Osteoblasts take up calcium from the blood and make new bones. This calcium provides basic frame work of bones.

  • Storage of Calcium in Bones

Bones act as a reservoir of calcium. In advanced ages, intestine is unable to absorb adequate calcium from the food. Body tries to maintain the blood level of calcium by acquiring calcium from the bones. This reduces calcium content of bones. So a constant input of calcium starting right from the childhood is necessary.

Role of Magnesium in Bones Maintenance

  • Firmness of Bones

Magnesium is equally important to bones as calcium. It helps achieve firmness and strength of the bones. Without this strength, bones are liable to fracture. So, magnesium acts as a co-factor in maintain bone strength along with calcium.

  • Magnesium Helps in Calcium Absorption

Magnesium is the key mineral in many biochemical reactions occurring in the body. Its main role is in the absorption and storage of calcium in the bones. So, in the absence of magnesium, no calcium will be deposited in the bones.

  • Production of Calcitonin

Calcitonin is a hormone produces by parathyroid glands. This hormone helps in preserving bones structure. It also regulates other functions of parathyroid gland like breaking process of old bones. These functions highlight the importance of magnesium in formation, strength, and functioning of bones.

  • Activation of Vitamin D

Magnesium is also necessary for conversion of Vitamin D to its active metabolite. This active form is the key factor in bones development. Vitamin D causes absorption of calcium in the bones. So basically magnesium forms the basis of key chain required for formation and strength of bones.

All the functions of calcium and magnesium are listed above. It is up to you to decide the importance of these minerals.





Warda Imtiaz

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