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June 30, 2017
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How to Lose 15 Pounds in a Month

The basic facts about losing weight are well balanced diet and a regular exercise plan. The article below gives a diet schedule for all those who want to lose weight quickly.

Before starting, one needs to know daily input of calories. The formula is given below.

To lose 1 pound, one needs to cut down 3500 calories from his diet. For losing 15 pounds, multiply 15 with 3500. This gives an answer of 5200 calories. If you plan to lose 15 pounds in four weeks, you have to cut down 1750 calories per day.

Here are few steps to follow strictly for losing weight.

  1. Limit your portion size by consuming half of what you are already consuming.
  2. One needs to eat slowly. This reduces extra time taken by brain to have a feeling of fullness.
  3. Eat frequently throughout the day. This reduces metabolism resulting in less hunger pangs.
  4. Drink plenty of water. Avoid tea and coffee.
  5. Take low fat and low caloric food items.

Diet Plan 

Week one

Early in the morning: Few slices of a fruit. It may be an apple or a banana or watermelon.

Breakfast: Two bread slices with mint chutney. Two bread slices with two eggs. A small paratha with a glass of vegetable juice.

Mid-Morning: A glass of coconut water, 2 dates or 4 walnuts.

Pre-Lunch: A plate of salad.

Lunch: A small roti with daal plus a bowl of low fat yogurt.

Mid-Evening: 1 cup of tea or coffee.

Snack: Few slices of fruits

Dinner: a bowl of rice with chicken gravy

Post-Dinner: A glass of low fat milk.

Week Two

Early in the Morning: a cup of fruit juice with few walnuts.

Breakfast: A bowl of cereal or a bowl of fruits with porridge, a bowl of brown rice with one glass of vegetable juice.

Mid-Morning: 1 glass of coconut water with Malai or a glass of protein shake with milk.

Pre-Lunch: A bowl of soup.

Lunch: A small chapatti with vegetable curry or one bowl of brown rice with vegetable curry.

Snack: A cup of green tea with some fruit or salad.

Dinner: A plate of chicken biryani or vegetable pulao with raita or one bowl of chicken salad or one bowl of fish curry plus 1 bowl curd.

Post-Dinner: A glass of milk.

Week Three 

Early-Morning: A glass of vegetable juice and fruits.

Breakfast: A bowl of vegetable with chattni or small methi paratha with curd.

Mid-Morning: One fruit which ever you like.

Pre-Lunch: One bowl salad or soup.

Lunch: One chapatti with fish, chicken or vegetable curry.

Snack: One glass of vegetable juice.

Dinner: A bowl of daal, rice and curd or a bowel of salad with half chapatti.

Post-Dinner: One glass of protein shakes.

Week Four

Early-Morning: a glass of amla juice.

Breakfast: A medium sized paratha with curd or 2 vegetable pancakes.

Mid-Morning: A bowl of fruits or 3-4 dry fruits.

Pre-Lunch: One bowl grilled chicken.

Lunch: One bowl of khichdi, a chapatti with vegetable curry.

Snack: one cup of coffee, green or black tea.

Dinner: one chapatti with vegetables

Post-Dinner: one glass of milk.



Warda Imtiaz

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