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Human body is composed of organ systems. Various organs make up an organ system. Say for example, esophagus, stomach and intestine make up digestive system. These organs allow body to work as a machine. They all work in coordination to maintain health. These organs have got interesting and unexpected facts regarding their functions. This article lists below some of the interesting facts.

  • Brain is 80 percent water.

Human brain is the most complex organ in the body. It’s anatomy as well as functions are all interesting. Human brain consists of 80 percent water. It is not a solid structure. It appears jelly like in consistency. If a person feels dehydrated, he needs to drink water.

  • Facial hairs grow faster than body hair.

If a person avoids shaving, he can grow hair as long as 3 feet. This requires average life span of a person. It is longer than length of a killer whale. This accounts to hormonal impacts on the body. Hormones are the reason of long beard in men.

  • Heart can pump blood up to 30 feet.

Heart pumps blood to all the body. This needs contraction of its chambers like ventricles. Ventricles create enough pressure to pump the blood up to 30 feet. Also, it pumps 2,000 gallons of blood every day.

  • Stomach acid can digest metal razor.  

No, this does not mean u can eat a razor! Hydrochloric Acid is present in stomach. This acid dissolves meals and pizzas we eat. But, it is strong enough to digest metals like razors. Owing to digestive property of this acid, stomach replaces it lining every 3 to 4 days. If the stomach does not replace lining, its walls will soon be digested.

  • Left lung is smaller in size.

Left sided lung is smaller as compared to right side. This makes room for the heart. U must have noticed equal sized lungs in books. But the reality is quite different.

  • Human bones are stronger than steel.

Human bones do break off. But still, they are much stronger than some steel. So they can bear the labor pain. Intensity of this pain is enough to break bones otherwise.

  • Body produces heat to boil water.

Daily activates of body produce enough heat to boil half-gallon of water. These activities are eating, bathing and breathing.

  • Human skin is an organ.

Human skin is an organ just like heart, liver and brain. It is not only an organ but largest human body organ. Skin of an average man can cover 20 square feet of distance.

  • Human eye has 576 Mega Pixels.

Human eye works like a camera. Its lens has 576 Mega Pixels. While an average cell phone camera is 15 mega pixels.

  • People breathe through one nostril.

Nature has gifted humans with two nostrils. Most of the humans breathe through single nostril at a given time. A person witches between nostrils every four hours.


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