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June 30, 2017
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 What Happens When You Cut out Just 10% of Fat from your diet

Having some good fats in diet is essential for healthy living. During digestion, these fats are broken down into Omega-3 fatty acids. These are essential fatty acids which a body cannot make on its own.  Fats also absorb in the absorption of Vitamin D, E and Vitamin A.

Types of Fats

  • Saturated Fats

These are the fats from animal sources i.e. butter and ghee products. These are required in a very small amount by body. Excessive consumption leads to adverse effects on human health.

  • Unsaturated Fats

These are fats taken from plant sources i.e. olive oil and almond oil. These are goof fats. They have numerous positive benefits on human health.

Here are few impacts of reducing 10 percent of total fats from your diet.

  • A Perfect Figure You Desire

If fats are consumed at a rate faster than that required for the body, they are not utilized. Instead, they get deposited around various parts of body. This is called obesity. Eliminating only ten percent of fat from diet cuts down fat deposition from body. A person can achieve an attractive figure by eliminating fats from diet.

  • Efficient Working of Heart

Extra fats also include cholesterol in our diet. This cholesterol      is beneficial if taken in small amounts. Extra cholesterol gets deposited in our blood vessels. This makes a fatty clot in our vessels. It hinders supply of blood to the vital organs. This gives a severe setback to working capacity of heart. Reducing fats helps achieve a perfect level of heart functioning.

  • Prevents from Horrible Disease Like Cancers

Exact mechanism of developing a cancer due to high fatty food is not yet known. But, there is exactly a relationship between cancer and high fatty foods. This is necessary to avoid fatty foods in order to prevent lungs, bones and breast cancer.

  • Get Rid of Bloating and Gas

Gas production in gastrointestinal tract is a natural process. However, excessive gas can causes embarrassment and discomfort. Fats in the food delay emptying of stomach. It causes bloating. This is really uncomfortable condition socially.

  • Reduce Burping and Feel Socially Comfortable

Burping is a symptom of GERD. It is a disease in which stomach contents go back into esophagus. This causes bitter taste in mouth, heart burn and burps. People consuming too many fats have to face social embarrassment. Uncontrolled burping is a common symptom encountered by many persons in routine life. Here is the cause. Eliminate fats from diet and smile.

  • Stay Away from Insulin

Increases contents of fats in the diet can cause insulin resistance. Insulin is responsible for lowering down sugar level in blood. If a person develops insulin resistance, blood sugar will remain high. This can lead to use of oral hypoglycemic or insulin use. It’s not a good idea indeed.

Cut down just 10 percent of fats from your diet and enjoy a healthy living standard.


Warda Imtiaz

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