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 What Happens to Your Body When You Drink Alcoholic Drinks

Alcohol is a drink used widely all over the world. It has various side effects on the body. Social media encourages its use but does not publish its side effects. Its side effects start from the moment one takes a sip. It affects physical, mental, social and sexual life of a person badly.
The article below is written to highlight the impacts of having multiple glasses of alcohol at a party!

Endocrine Glands are Damaged

There are numerous glands throughout our bodies. These glands produce enzymes. The enzymes aid in digestion of food. For example, pancreas is a gland. If a person consumes excessive alcohol, the gland produces excessive enzymes. Accumulation of these enzymes causes damage to pancreas. It is a fatal condition that can lead to death.

Damage to Liver

Liver is an organ that causes detoxification in the body. It means removal of wastes and toxic substances from body. Use of alcohol damages liver and causes scarring. This scarring of liver is known as “Cirrhosis”. It is irreversible damage to liver leading to liver failure.

 Deranged Blood Sugar Levels

A person consuming too much alcohol cannot maintain his blood sugar levels at a constant rate. There are two reasons for it.

  1. Alcohol damages liver. Liver is responsible for providing energy to the body through sugar consumption. If the liver is not functioning, it will not provide sugar to the body cells. This causes a drop in body sugar level. It is called “Hypoglycemia”.
  2.  As the pancreas is also damaged, it cannot release insulin. Insulin is the key factor for breakdown of excess sugar in the body. In the absence of insulin, body will go into “Hyperglycemia”.

 Impacts on Central Nervous System

Alcohol causes disturbance in the coordination between body and brain. A person is unable to maintain his balance. He may get slurred speech. One should avoid driving after drinking beer, wine or spirits.

Vitamin Deficiency

Long term and excessive use of alcohol depletes Vitamins from our body. One of its main victims is Thiamine. Its deficiency causes numbness of hands and feet.
6. Dependence Syndrome
Alcohol cause strong physical and mental dependence. It is life threatening to withdraw alcohol abruptly. Some symptoms of alcohol dependency are below.

• Anxiety
• Tremors
• Nervousness
• Disturbed heart beat and rate
• Nausea and vomiting
• Excessive sweating

Impacts on Digestive System

The relationship between alcohol intake and digestive system is of “Damage”. The greater is the consumption, the greater is the damage. Its symptoms include constipation, diarrhea with bloating, nausea and vomiting.

Damage to Cardiovascular System

Alcohol is equally damaging to our heart and blood vessels. Complications associated with its use are given below.
• High blood pressure
• Disturbed heart rhythm
• Stroke
• Heart failure
• Heart attack

Reproductive Health at Risk

Alcohol leads to depletion of sexual hormones from the body. This causes loss of libido and erectile dysfunction. Women taking excessive alcohol can experience premature arrest of menstruation. It causes miscarriage and premature delivery too.
One must review his drinking habits fate reading this article.

Warda Imtiaz

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