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June 1, 2017
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Your First Born Child Is Most Intelligent! Myth or reality?

The topic may cause a fight among siblings. Sorry if it goes this way. But recent studies show that an oldest child is more intelligent than other siblings. They have extraordinary wisdom skills than others. This may be due to more mental motivation from parents. As the parents care more for their first born kid. They are often better groomed then their siblings as well.

Researches Prove It To Be a Fact

Various studies were conducted regarding this topic. Students from University of Edinburgh and University of Sydney were the subjects. Researchers analyzed their skills ranging from vocabulary to reading skills. The results showed that first born kids were more intelligent and efficient.

Another research at University of Essex proved it as a fact. They researchers concluded that first born child is 16 times more interested in higher education than others. But this eagerness to study causes them to have sight disorders. They are more likely to be myopic.

But the objective evidence is so little that this idea does not seem to be true.

Parents Habits May be the Cause!

The researchers were eager to find out the cause. They considered the behavioral pattern of parents. These patterns include habits starting from the time of conception till birth. Even after birth, family environment and economic status influences child’s intelligence level.

With passage of time, parents tend to get relaxed. This reduces their enthusiasm of spending time with children. They tend to do anything and everything for their first child. But this passion gradually reduces.

Guide Line for Middle Children

Such observations cannot be taken as a general rule for everyone. It does not matter where u fall in the family tree. Every individual has got his own traits. Everyone is intelligent. Having higher IQ is by no means related to your number among other siblings. One only needs to work harder. You can prove this idea wrong by working ambitiously. No offense to the researchers!  

What Parents Need To Do!

Now the lesson we get from this article is that modern parents should be equally enthusiastic for their subsequent children. They should spend time with their second and third children. They must be keen to get their other children in learning activities.

Idea of Having This Discussion     

Main theme of this article is to give positive suggestions to the parents. The suggestion is that the birth order should not influence their parenthood. All children deserve equal attention. They should get it from their parents without any discrimination.


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