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June 3, 2017
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Crying is usually the first response to a stressful situation. Anyone can burst into tears irrespective of age and gender. Scientists think that only humans have the ability to cry in response to stress. It may or may not be true as people have observed animals crying too. People may try to gain attention through crying.


Tears burst out as result of sadness, joy or pain. We have glands in our eyes which are “Lacrimal Glands”. These produce tears whose composition is water, electrolytes and proteins. There is no harmful effect of crying on human health. Bell’s palsy is a disease in which uncontrolled tears come out. It is a painful condition.


There are few different types of tears. Depending upon the cause, scientists have classified the tears.

  • Basal Tears: tears for lubrication of eyes.
  • Reflexive Tears: tears as a result of some irritant like sand
  • Psych Tears: tears due to emotions, pain or joy.


Health Benefits of Crying

  • Antibacterial Action

Tears contain enzymes “lysozymes”. These enzymes are antibacterial in action. They can kill bacteria by destroying their outer well. Their amazing power is to kill up to 95 percent of bacteria. This can happen only in ten minutes. So tears protect from bacterial infection of eyes.

  • Vision Improvement

Tears lubricate the eye balls. This helps to remove dirt and debris from eyes. Hence improving the eyesight, crying is important.

  • Detoxification

Cortisol is known as “Stress Hormone”. Every person releases Cortisol in his blood under stress. Tears help to remove excess Cortisol from blood. This is detoxification of body from extra hormone.

  • Mood Improvement

Crying as a result of stress can improve mood. Tears do it in a much better way than an antidepressant. One gets elevated mood after crying.

  • Communication

Crying is a mean of communication. It helps when a person is unable to tell his grieves verbally. It helps people get closer as a family. People facing difficult times come closer to each other by expressing through tears.


  • Decreases Stress

Crying relieves stress even if issue is not resolved. When the Cortisol gets removed from the body, stress is reduced. Tears help to share one’s emotions. Both the factors contribute to decrease stress.

  • Decreases Blood Pressure

Crying is helpful to reduce blood pressure. It is a natural remedy for hypertensive patients. It is also a natural defense to prevent high blood pressure during stress.

  • Decreases Manganese Levels

Crying also help to lower down Manganese levels in body. This electrolyte is eliminated through tears. It prevents accumulation in the body. So its harmful effects are reduced on the body.



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