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July 16, 2017
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Different Weathers and Their Effects on Human Body

God almighty has created different weathers. But, not all the countries of the world can enjoy this weather. European Countries mostly have one or two of these seasons. Extremes of temperature are not a tolerable for human beings. You may love winters but you won’t like to stay in a region with extreme cold throughout the year.

Constantly changing environment has multiple impacts on human health. Below is an overview of such effects.

  • Blood Pressure Changes

Blood pressure is lower in summer and high in winter. This is because cold temperature causes narrowing of blood vessels. So, volume of blood increases compared to area through which it flows. In contrast, broadening of vessels in summer can decrease blood pressure.

  • Suicidal Ideation and weather

Researchers suggest that the body mood and risk of suicide is linked to weather conditions. People usually have a bad mood on cold days. Tendency of suicide in a person is more in spring seasons.

  • Exacerbation of Asthma and Allergy

Presence of pollen in the air can trigger asthma and allergy. Pollens are present in spring and summer season. You need to be prepared to combat such climate changes.

  • Joints Pain and Cold

Cold temperature can cause an increase in joints pain. This is due to the fact that the fluid consistency around joints changes in cold. It gets thicker.  This increases resistance between two bones at a joint resulting in pain.

  • Headache Due to Barometric changes

Changes in the barometric measurements of atmosphere can cause headache in few people. Scientists are unable to find out the cause as yet. But it is a proven phenomenon.

  • Migraine Attacks

Certain people can also have their migraine worsen in pollen seasons. This is due to the underlying allergy component associated with migraine.

  • Diabetic Controls

Diabetics will have more difficulty in controlling their blood sugar in extreme climates. It may be in summer or winter. This happens because blood gets thicker in winter.

  • Summer and Weight Gain

Body has a layer of brown fats called “good” fats. These fats are burnt in cold climate to maintain body temperature. This does not happen in summer.

  • Increase in Heart Attacks

Every 2 Fahrenheit increase in environmental temperature causes 200 cases of heart attack. This is proven by a study conducted in USA.

  • COPD and Lung Diseases

These are lung diseases which get worsen in hot and humid climate. This is because breathing gets difficult in hot environment.

  • Weak Immune System

People often suffer from cold and flu during cold weather. Cold climate can affect immune system badly. So, one with weak immune system is more prone to suffer from cold and flu.

  • ADHD syndrome

Attention deficit syndrome is common in children. This syndrome is prevalent is sunny regions of the world. Moreover, people already suffering from ADHD can have seasonal changes in severity of syndrome.



Warda Imtiaz

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