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May 25, 2017
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May 26, 2017

Dangerous Pets Which Should Not Keep At Home

There are some animals which should be kept at home as they cause harm to you and your family as well. Special heed should be paid to the selection of the pets because sometimes they may cause prominent damage which can be covered afterwards so this decision should be taken before we have lost something.

Here is a list of pets which should be kept at home or which are dangerous to keep at home

  • Lions

Animals belonging to the family of lions which include tigers, leopards and cougars are very dangerous to keep at home. They can be proved very harmful to the human being as they are carnivores animals and they are many incident in the past which have shown that human is there common prey. Humans also trained lions but they can be trusted for long term.

  • Snakes

Snakes are considered to the most dangerous animals of this universe. Here are some types of snakes which are should not be kept at home which include: Black mamba, Carpet Viper and Large Constrictor Snakes. Snakes are not only dangerous for human beings but also for other animals as well. Snakes killed one human on average in US. Snakes should be kept at home at any cost because they are more than dangerous.   A single bite of snake can kill you.

  • Monkeys

The animals belonging to the family of monkeys are which include black capped monkeys. Monkeys are responsible for spreading diseases in humans as well as in animals. Monkeys are known for carrying herpus B virus.  They also cause of Tuberculosis, monkey pox and Salmonella and these diseases have increased the mortality rate of humans by 70-80 percent which reflects that they are damaging humans as well as animals. So they should not be kept at home at any cost.

  • Pet Primates

Animals include chimpanzees, Lemurs and baboons all fall under the family of primates. The animals belonging to these families are very cute and look like babies but they are not actually babies. But they are very moody and when they get aggressive they attack humans without any warning. So there mood is always unpredictable and can harm you.

  • Bears

Some people like to keep bears at home although it is a matter of common sense that they are heavy weight and are large and difficult to keep at home. Some people think that bears are cute and they fall in love with bears and wanted to keep them at home for all the time. Bear can kill you by hitting you by a single hit of his paw.

  • Foxes

Foxes are very dangerous to keep at home. They are unable to suppress or change their wild nature of damaging or harming humans and animals. Fox are more dangerous for children’s and can let children to death.  If they feel any type of insecurity due to any situation they might attack you and due to their sharp teeth’s they can broke you into pieces.

  • Alligators and Crocodiles

They are very large in size and are difficult to keep at home along with the difficulty of keeping them at home they are very dangerous as well. The bite of these animals may lead to serious infection. In short they cannot be considered as pets which can be kept at home. They may attack human being and lead them to death.

  • Coatis

They belong to the family of raccoon. Weight of Coatis is 18 pounds.  They are known for their speed and activeness due to which it is difficult to handle them.  Coatis eat many different foods and they remain active mostly at day time.  If training is not done properly they may become violent and dangerous for human beings. They have sharp teeth’s through which they can tear anything.

  • Kinkajous

They also belong to the family of raccoon. And they don’t like to awake at day time and if they are kept awaken at the day time they may lose their control and become violent.  And they may human beings in this situation and there teeth’s are very sharp. So kinkajous should not be kept at home for your security.

  • Bats

It is simply impossible to keep bats at home because they need a lot of space to fly and they mostly stay awaken at night and sleeps during the day time moreover they fly all over night. Bats are also cause of zoonotic disease between humans and can harm humans badly.


Pets should be selected by considering all the aspects regarding to health and safety.


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