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July 9, 2017
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Clinical Vampirism, Delusion of Being a Vampire!

Clinical Vampirism is a psychiatric illness. It is termed as “Renfield’s Syndrome” in medical field. The sufferer sees himself as a vampire. He has the urge to consume blood. Science believes that this urge rises due to power of blood. That is the person feels attracted towards the bold. He has a strong tendency to consume blood.

It is termed as “Renfield’s Syndrome” because of the similarities between such patient and Dracula. Renfield is a patient who has a strong ability to eat spiders and flies. It means he has a strong urge to consume lives. So is the case with vampirism patient.

Gender Affected

All the observations suggest that male gender is more prone to have Renfield’s Syndrome.

Stages of Clinical Vampirism

There are two basic stages of this psychiatric syndrome

  • Before Puberty

Any event has occurred before puberty that causes the child to be thrilled by sight of blood. Any injury causing bleeding may be the source.

  • During Puberty

At this stage, person tries to drink his own blood. It is called auto vampirism. The person can also drink other person’s blood.

Types of Vampirism

  • Auto Vampirism

In this type person drinks his own blood.

  • Zoophagia

In this type, person has the tendency to eat other living animals. He also tries to drink their blood. Source of such animals is usually an animal from slaughter house or butcher shop.

  • True Vampirism

In this type, patient’s attention is shifted toward human beings. He can steal blood from hospitals he may also go to a blood bank.

Prevalence of Vampirism

It is a very rare disorder. It is not commonly seen in any society these days.

Subtype of Mental Illness

It is not recognized as a full fledge disease in any Psychiatric Manual. It is considered to be a subtype of Schizophrenia.

How to Diagnose If You Have Craving For Blood

While reading the article, you may think of yourself as a Dracula. To rule out Clinical Vampirism, you should ask following questions from yourself.

  1. Are you attracted towards sight of blood?
  2. Do you enjoy the smell of blood?
  3. Do you feel the urge to injure someone to have a glimpse of blood?
  4. Are you attracted towards Vampire novels or serials?
  5. Have you ever cut yourself to taste blood?

If the answers to these questions are “yes”, you may be a victim of Vampirism.

Treatment of Blood Cravings

As the disease is a psychological illness, it treatment lies in psychiatric treatments.

  • Antipsychotics are being used to cover acute attack.
  • Mood stabilizers are given to keep patient away from anger outbursts.
  • Intensive psychotherapy is the main stray of treatment.




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