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Best Pets for Kids

Hobby of kids

To keep in homes in the best hobby of the kids as they love to play with the pets. And in childhood to keep pets at home is the hobby of most of the kids. Now due to the changing trends of today’s world the choice of the pets has also been evolved. Keeping the pets neat and clean and healthy is also a challenging task. So the choice of the pets should be made on the basis that whether it is easy to keep those pets? And will they bring joy to your kids? So choosing the best pet for your kid is a challenging task by the parents. And the best pets which are loved by the children are listed below:

  1. Fish

Fish is the number one choice which can be kept at home. It is easy to clean the fish and to provide them food. And above all the most important factor is that the fish is not spreading any kind of disease or virus which is spread by most of the pets.

And the kid will enjoy playing with the fish as the fish is very attractive. Now moving towards the choice between the types of the fish the best types of the fish for kids are Platy Fish, Molly Fish, Gold Fish, Betta Fish and Angel Fish. And after the selection of the kind of the fish the aquarium should be chosen accordingly and it should have filter of water and light. They are more sensitive than other pets.

  1. Dogs

Dogs are being known for their loyalty. They are the most loving pets on this universe and also they also acts like a very active security guard who keeps your house protected from thieves etc. along with the playing and enjoyment dogs teaches many things to your kids which include loyalty, loving , responsibility and coordination.

And every breed of dog has special traits which can be very helpful for your kids. Moreover dogs are very loving and caring animals. The breed of the dogs which can be kept for your kids are: Boxer, Bulldog, Newfoundland and labrador retriever. Dogs play with your kids without harming them and they are a very good source of entertainment for your kids.

  1. Rabbits

Rabbits are also best animals for your kids. As they keep your kid busy all the time because rabbits runs with a fast speed and it is mostly impossible to catch a rabbit. Due to this characteristic of rabbits they keep your kid engaged all the time.

Moreover rabbits are easy to keep as they live in groups. And their diet is also very simple. But the only thing which is necessary for keeping rabbits is some grassy land as they are herbivores and they love to live in green areas.

  1. Cats

Cats are very good animal for keeping at home. As the children who are brought up with animals have more humanitarian values and have improved communication skills as compared to other kids which are not bought up with the pets.

Cats have special characteristics which includes that they don’t eat sweet dishes. And in summer the sweating is only through the paws. All species of cat has their own eating habits. The most popular breed of cats which are very popular includes Ragdoll, Exotic shorthair, Himalayan, Birman and Maine coon.

  1. Parrots

Parrots are very attractive pets for kids as they are of different colors which are eye catching. And moreover when the kid is small he needs someone who can sit beside him or her and talk to her so in this situation parrots are best. Speaking parrot can give company to your child when you are not around.

And due to the color combination of the parrot’s kids find it very attractive and they may start talking with the parrot. Most of the species of parrots are colorful. They are easy to keep.

  1. Ducks

Ducks are also known as waterfowls. They are of different they are mostly found in swimming pools. But some species can live without water as well. To keep the kids of duck is really fascinating.

Kids find it very interesting that how the ducks moves and swims in water the way of their quacking is also very eye catching. Ducks are also source of eggs and we can also meat of duck and it is very beneficial for all the human beings.

  1.  Gerbils 

Gerbils are very energetic and active pets. But they should be handled with care and young children should supervise them. Keeping gerbils is a hell fun as they move here and there all over. And the best thing about the gerbils is that they are mostly awaken at day time and are not much active at night.

The gerbils have their own special food and the other most important thing about them is the life span of gerbils they can live only for maximum 2 years.

  1. Hamsters

Hamsters are little pets which are ought to be handled with care. And they can be trained for litter things. But they are also somehow difficult to handle. And there is a special environment in which hamsters can be kept the cage should consist of tunnels so that hamsters can sleep easily and it should be clean able.

Hamsters can become aggressive sometimes. The average span of a hamsters is 3 years.



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