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How the Agriculture System Affects health

Agriculture refers to cultivation of plants and fungi along with breeding of animals. The purpose of this system is to have food and biofuel for humans. One of the top ranked agriculture countries is Pakistan.  High yield of agriculture is mandatory for food security of the country. If a country exports its agricultural products, it adds up to its GDP (Gross Domestic Production).

These days, different techniques are being used for improving quality of crops. Some food crops are being genetically modified for our benefit. Bananas and watermelons are two examples of the genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

In past, agricultural products were purely organic. It means farmers were not using fertilizers to increase yield. But these days, every farmer is using pesticides and fertilizers. These chemicals have various harmful effects on human health.

Factors Affecting Agricultural System:

Different factors affect agricultural production. Here is an account of these factors.

  • Climate

A suitable temperature with seasonal variation is important. Extreme changes in temperature affect yield badly.

  • Soil Type

Loam soil is the most suitable type of soil for growing crops. It is rich in minerals and salts. These are essential components for cultivating crops.

  • Deforestation

Deforestation means cutting of trees to make lands clear for use. This cause climate changes as trees absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen.


Here is an overview of such effects.

  • Source of Damage.

Pesticides and fertilizers are the main harmful component of modern agriculture system. They can enter human body through inhalation or through skin contact. These have adverse impacts on human health.

  • Brain Damage.

Pesticides are damaging for human brain. They can lead to headache due to constant exposure to these chemicals. This is especially true for farmers. They can also cause insomnia, depression and blurred vision.

  • GIT Upset

These chemicals if ingested can disturb whole system of gastroenterology. The symptoms include pain in the abdomen, vomiting and nausea.

  • Liver Diseases

Pesticides have an inactive component “Chloroform”. This chemical is very harmful for human health. It damages liver slowly until liver loses its all tissues.

  • Disturbance in Aquatic Life

Fertilizers are also harmful for environment. But they do not affect human health directly. When the farmers wash crops, fertilizers go into ocean water. There they develop growth of algae. Excessive species of algae cause depletion of oxygen from aquatic environment. This disturbs whole ecosystem.

  • Pollution

Pesticides and fertilizers, when sprayed over crops, go far beyond agricultural land. Their droplets fall into water reservoirs. This contaminates water sources.

This article gives an overview of agricultural system and its products. We have to face different difficulties with this system as its side effects mentioned above. The only solution is to encourage production of organic crops.


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