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7 Things That Happen When You Stop Eating Breakfast

Everyone knows breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Having a breakfast rich in protein reduces cravings. This ends up having little meal throughout the day. This makes the basis of weight loss. However, it is not healthy to skip breakfast because it causes drastic impacts on health. A person can end up having a heart disease if he skips breakfast.

Here are some other reasons which prove bypassing breakfast is a bad idea!

  • Skipping Breakfast Causes Weight Gain

Eating breakfast on a regular basis causes less craving throughout the day. It helps to maintain weight. It also lowers level of insulin in the body. Insulin causes deposition of fat in the body. Both the factors add up to lower weight.

  • It Affects Short-Term Memory

Having a breakfast daily increases brain functions. It helps to improve short term memory. Studies show that children having breakfast perform better at school.

  • Increases Risk of Diabetes

Females who skip breakfast are at a risk of developing type II diabetes. A study published in American Journal of Nutrition proves this fact.

  • It Makes You Lazy

A person, who skips breakfast, skips all the necessary nutrients. These include vitamins, mineral, proteins and calories. This deficiency causes laziness in the person who skips breakfast. One feels sleepy and tired. So he cannot focus on his work. This affects grades in school and performance in offices.

  • It Plays Havoc With Blood Sugar

Skipping a breakfast reduces your sugar level drastically. This reduction in sugar can make you hungry and angry. It’s not a good combination!

  • It Slows Metabolic Rate

Breakfast means “Breaking the Fast”. As it is first meal of the day, it regulates the metabolic rate. This helps regulates calories. It does not mean it burns calories.

  • Sharpens the Brain

Some researchers have proved that skipping breakfast forces switch over to Ketosis from Glycolysis. The former is the breakdown of fats in our body while the latter is the breakdown of carbohydrates. This breakdown of fats instead of carbohydrates helps us to achieve a better body shape. If we do not eat from 7 pm to 8-9 am our body will shift towards ketosis. This breakdown of fat is a rich source of energy for our brains.

  • Aging Process is Slowed Down

Breakfast slows down process of aging. It happens because breakfast acts as an antioxidant. It removes wastes products from the body.

  • Cortisol Level Increases

Cortisol is a hormone which maintains level of sugar in blood. If a person skips breakfast, Cortisol level increases. This occurs to maintain blood glucose level. Cortisol level has some side effects like acne and hirsuitism.

Hence proven, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you are habitual of skipping breakfast, you need to reconsider your habits.


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