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7 taboo and ancient ways of weight loss

Exercise and dieting are the well known means of losing weight. These are the techniques of modern ages. In ancient times, there were different ways of losing weight. They were considered social norms or taboo. They are not common now a days but if considered for losing weight, they may take the light off.

In this article, we are going to mention these ancient ways of weight loss. One must try them out to prove their efficacy.

  • Mindful Eating and Meditation

Ancient studies show that they used the technique of mindful eating. Women would concentrate on their plates i.e. what and how much are they eating. They would spend 30 minutes on meditation every day. This was supposed to reduce one pound of belly fats. They also believed that this idea decreased their cortisol level which causes fat deposition in the body.

  • Deep Breathing Exercises in the Fresh Air

People in ancient days believed that the deep breathing exercises can cause weight reduction. You must try this outclass idea to check its worth. But the ancient people would sit in the fresh air early in the morning and would go for deep breathing. This remedy is also useful for combating depression.

  • Keep Your Tongue Clean

A thick white coating on the tongue is a common finding. Ancient people believed that this covering prevents taste buds from feeling the taste of food. When the taste buds will not feel the taste, they will make you crave for more salts, sugar and spice. This results in repeated binge eating which ultimately causes weight gain. Repeated cleaning of tongue removes these white craps from it. This allows taste buds to feel delicious taste of food and prevents cravings.

  • Warm Oil Massage

This idea of warm massage over the abdomen was into practice for a long period of time. Recent studies also suggest that luke warm oil massage increases blood circulation. This in turn increases bowel movements. It relieves constipation and reduces weight gain. Recent idea, however, suggests that the massage should be from head to toe.

  • Sweating as a Miracle for Weight Loss

Heat opens up the pore on our body. Sweating occurs through these pores. Sweat contains different minerals, ions and water. Removal of all these in addition with wastes helps to reduce weight. Although this does not cause a significant weight loss but it adds up to other weight loss tips.

  • Lunch as a Biggest Meal of the Day

All recent researches show that the ancients believed the lunch to be the biggest meal of the day. Breakfast and dinner were thought to add fats around belly and thighs. One needs to fulfill his cravings, if at all it is necessary, at lunch time.

  • No Breakfast Taboo

This taboo is still prevalent among our societies. Majority of us think that skipping breakfast helps in reduction of weight. It is a false idea. Healthy and nutritious breakfast is the key factor in reducing weight.

Warda Imtiaz

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