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7 Factors That Cause Shorter Life Span

Every passing day reduces our life span by one day. We celebrate our birthdays which actually prove we have already spent one year of our life span. Some habits lead us progressively to death by adversely affecting our health. We need to know these habits in detail. This article gives an overview of habits which lead us closer to death point.

  • Being Single For A Longer Period

Not having a soul mate cuts down days of your life. Various studies show that single people have shorter duration of life. Not getting married causes increased risk of death by 32 percent. In western countries, being single was once considered minority status.

  • Not Exercising Regularly

Sitting for more than 3 hours per day decreases life span. Sedentary life increases risk of diabetes and stroke. This can result in heart attack. Regular exercise adds up days to life span. One should consider morning and evening walk. Office workers need to take out time for exercise daily. Lack of physical activity for 11 hours per day increases chances of death by 40 percent.

  • Social Isolation

Any one not having friends or neglecting them is prone to die earlier. People having weak social connections live less long than their counterparts. A study suggests that living alone is equally damaging to health as smoking 15 cigarettes per day.

  • Watching TV

Watching TV on regular basis for a longer period of time causes sedentary life style. Eating snacks while watching TV increases levels of cholesterol in blood. These fats go straight to the vessels and block them. This results in heart attack, diabetes and other diseases. So watching TV for one hour daily reduces life time by 21 minutes approximately.

  • Consuming Junk Food

Junk food is the new trend now a days. Every other person is enjoying fast food at the cost of health. There are multiple unhealthy factors in preparing such foods. Meat used in such food preparation is not healthy. Even the vegetables are not fresh. An example is spread of typhoid fever if the cook is carrier of its organism. We need to reconsider habit of eating junk food to avoid getting diseases.

  • Unemployment and Death

Being unemployed causes increased risk of death by 63 percent. This is due to the stress and frustration associated with unemployment. This is also a factor responsible for social isolation. Depression due to this is a silent killer.

  • Lack of Sleep

Having less than 7 hours of sleep per day decreases expectancy of life. Everyone has a busy schedule these days. It is really hard to earn living. Especially in western countries, people only sleep for 4 to 5 hours per day. It is a constant source of damage to our health.

These factors are responsible for shorter duration of life. One needs to avoid, as much as possible, if he wants to live longer than his friend!


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