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July 29, 2017

8 Diets That You Should Never Be Taking in Summer!

Summer is a charming season to enjoy. Everyone out there loves to enjoy drinks. Even the fashion has its own taste during summer. So is the case with the dietary elements. Science says there are certain foods that need to be avoided during summer. The article below will help you to know about these foods.

  • Animal Proteins

Animal proteins include poultry, meat and eggs. These are the proteins which need to be a minimum portion of you platter. The reason behind this is high protein content of these foods. This high protein causes increased body temperature as a result of metabolism. To avoid feeling warmer in summer, you should avoid these foods. Instead go for a vegetarian diet.

  •  Hot Dogs

Can you enjoy summer without sausages? The need of hour is to avoid salted and processes meat. Hot dog is one of the best examples to be avoided in summer. These processed items have high content of preservatives. These preservatives are harmful to human health. They can even cause colorectal cancer. The next time when you feel tempted towards a BBQ hot dog, just think that WHO has ranked hot dogs in the category of TOBACCO. Instead, unprocessed fish or chicken breast would serve the purpose.

  • Frozen Drinks Like Pina Coladas

Frozen drinks like Margaritas and Pina Coladas are the worst items for summer. They have a high content of sugar syrup. This sugar syrup does not contain any natural ingredients. Instead it contains artificial sweeteners. These sweeteners cause further craving of food. Repeated eating will increase digestive problems and will cause weight gain. The alternate remedy for these drinks is lemon-water, all natural ingredients.

  • Carbonated Drinks

These drinks like Pepsi and Sprite are havoc to human health. They have high sugar content along with gas in them. Both the ingredients are truly dangerous for human bones and other systems. They cause heartburn and acidity problems. High gaseous content can lead to bloating and constipation.

  • Commercially Grown Fruits

Commercially grown food items are grown with the aid of pesticides. These are not good for human health. Try to avoid such foods i.e. vegetables and fruits. Focus on organic fruits

  • Macaroni and Mayonnaise Salad

Many people amongst us love the taste of Mayonnaise but it is no more a healthy ingredient. Macaroni and Salad both acquire delicious taste from Mayonnaise. It is high in salt content and is also a processed food item.

  • Tea and Coffee

These are everyone’s favorite beverages. But their excessive use is strictly prohibited during summer. They can cause you to go to washroom every now and then. This leads to loss of water and salts from the body.

  • Shellfish

There is a saying regarding in regard to eating shellfish. It says “eat shell fish in the months that contain letter “R” in their names. This excludes all the months from May to August. These are also commercially prepared high salt containing foods.

Hope you will review your eating habits in summer after reading this.


Warda Imtiaz

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