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7 Signs That You Have Slow Metabolism

Recent studies have shown that our metabolism is responsible for almost 70% of the calories that we burn each day. So, we are dependent on our metabolism for burning calories in order to remain fit and healthy. If our metabolism is not performing its duty well, we will have weight problems. If we have a slow metabolism, we will inevitably become fat.

We should keep an eye out for the following signs and symptoms to determine if we have an abnormally slow metabolism. However, keep this in mind that suffering from only from a couple of these symptoms does not necessarily mean that you have a slow metabolism.
The signs and symptoms of slow metabolism are as follows:

  • Weight loss problems

Having problems in losing weight is one of the major symptoms of slow metabolism. You should be able to lose weight if you are eating a healthy, controlled diet and exercising regularly. However, if you are not able to reach your desired weight after all this effort, it shows a slow metabolic rate.

  • Unexpected weight gain

As mentioned above, if you have not changed your diet or exercise routine and still can’t lose weight it might be due to slow metabolism. Similarly, if you gain some unexpected weight after all this effort, it is also an indicator of a slow metabolism.

  • Dry or cracked skin

Hormones control our metabolism. These are the hormones which keep our nails, hair and skin healthy. So, if there is a noticeable decline in any of these, it might be a symptom of slow metabolism. It is true that slow metabolism is not the only cause of this decline.

  • Chronic tiredness

Being chronically tired reduces your productivity. There are a lot of reasons that might cause you to be chronically tired. For example, you may feel tired due to lack of sleep and stress. But if you are feeling tired all the time without any clear reason for it, you might as well be suffering from slow metabolism.

  • Bloated Belly

We might feel chronically bloated if your stomach is not getting rid of some undigested food. These are also potential symptoms of slow metabolism. We know that fiber is a crucial part of our diet but it may damage our metabolism if not taken in a specific quantity.

  • Sugar Cravings

Having sugar cravings is quite natural. People with sweet tooth have sugar cravings from time to time. But having repeated strong sugar cravings might also be the symptom of slow metabolism. Our adrenal glands help our metabolism to perform its task properly.

  • Hair Loss

Our hair is growing all the time. They are regenerating constantly just like our skin and nails. They need nutrients for their regeneration. If our metabolism is slow, it will affect the growth of our hair. One suffering from hair loss or a decline in their texture is due to slow metabolism.


Consider these symptoms if you have any!


Warda Imtiaz

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