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June 3, 2017
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How Alcohol Affects Human Bones

Alcohol is a drink which is being used all over the world. Doctors have been mentioning its side effects for so long. Besides damaging liver it also affects bone. One needs to drink less to have strong bones. Heavy drinking especially in young age causes risk of osteoporosis of bones.

Calcium is the main component of bone growth. Alcohol is said to be its enemy. Alcohol does not allow calcium to go to bones. Since blood does not go into bones, body takes it from bones. This results in deficiency of calcium in bones leading to osteoporosis.

Role of Alcohol in Calcium Absorption

  1. Consuming 22 to 3 ounces of alcohol per day is harmful for health. It affects functions of pancreas which has role in absorption of calcium. It also disturbs liver which causes activation of Vitamin D.
  2. Alcohol also affects hormone levels in blood. It decreases estrogen in body. Estrogen is essential for strength of bones. Loss of estrogen decreases bone strength. It is especially important in menopausal state.
  3. It affects absorption of minerals too. Thiamine deficiency causes “Beriberi” disease.

Alcohol Decreases New Bone Construction 

In addition, alcohol also kills the cells which help in bone making. They are “Osteoblasts”. These cells deposit the calcium and minerals like phosphorus in the bone. This gives strength to the bone. Heavy drinkers do not have sufficient amount of these bone making cells. So they don’t have strong bones.

Affect on Nerves Leading to Bone Loss 

Alcohol also affects nerves causing peripheral neuropathy. It results in damage of nerves to hands and feet. This damage to nerves leads to weakening of bones. Bones get fragile and bristle. Such bones are a greater risk of getting fractured.

Drinking Increases Your Risk of Fractures of Bones

Drinking puts you at a risk of fractures. This is so because of osteoporosis. Nerve damage is also an additional factor. Hip and spine fractures are common. Healing of these fractures is also slow. This is because of the malnutrition due to alcohol abuse.

Alcohol Results in Delayed Healing of Bones

Use of alcohol affects ability of bones to heal themselves. Either they don’t heal at all after a fracture. Or they heal very slowly. This healing can be a malunion or delayed union. This creates disturbances in routine activity of a person. Apparent physical deformity is also a social stigma.

Recovery of Bones Calcium

Researches show that as soon as a person quits drinking, bones get back to their original state. The process may be slow but it does happen.

The idea of writing this article is to encourage drinkers to get rid of alcohol. Hope it works well for you.


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