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8 Interesting Facts about Human Blood Groups

People usually do not realize how important their blood group is. When was the last time you had some thoughts about your blood group. Biologists have divided blood groups in four categories. They are A, B, AB and O. Many of us don’t know the facts about these groups. Nature has hidden some amazing facts in the blood subtypes.

Here are the interesting facts about the blood running in your veins.

  • Blood Group Affects What You Should Eat

Type O: People with this blood type O have digestive issues. They need to consume high protein diet. This includes meat, poultry and eggs.

Type A: These have sensitive immunity. They need to consume citrus food.

Type B: These individuals have high level of stress hormone “Cortisol” in blood. They should avoid fats and alcohol.

Type AB: They have little production of acid in stomach. They need to consume acidic foods.

  • Blood Type Has Impact on Personality

Type A: Such people are kind hearted. They give priority to other people’s need.

Type B: These are friendly and jolly. They enjoy time spent with others.

Type AB: These are strong people. They don’t get worried over petty issues.

Type O: Such people tend to worry over little issues. They have a strong urge to organize things.

  • Blood Group Can Affect Fertility

Women having O type group, are less fertile. On the other hands, people with other blood groups have high egg counts.

  • Blood Group Affects Mood

People with type A and B blood group get angry easily. They have high level of stress hormone. This makes them angry.

  • Blood Group Affects Weight Gain

People who have blood group A have the tendency to gain weight. They should be cautious while using spicy and junk food.

  • Blood Groups Affect Mating

Blood has positive and negative grouping too. These are Rh+ve and Rh–ve. In case of Rh+ve and Rh-ve mating, baby is at risk. This can destroy baby’s blood cells in the womb.

  • They Affect the Ability to Exercise

Type A: These people have high level of cortisol. They cannot go for a strenuous exercise. It will make them fatigued easily.

Type O: They can be athletes. They can go for heavy exercise and weight lifting.

Type B: Such people can go for bicycling and yoga. They are suitable candidates for cardio exercises.

Type AB: They can get stiffness of joints on exercising heavily. Walking, hiking and dancing are best suitable options.

  • Blood Groups and Habits

Type A: These are serious people. They tend to stay neat and tidy.

Type B:  They are optimistic. They get curious over little issues.

Type AB: They are multi talented and discriminating.

Type 0: They fall in the category of rough and rude people. They are usually workaholics.

So these are the facts which make every person unique. Give the article a read and enjoy the facts.


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