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May 25, 2017
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Guard Dog Breeds

Guard Dogs

Guard dogs are similar to watch dogs and are not same to attack dog. The watch dogs only intimate there owner that there is some stranger or something is going badly. But on the other hand the guard dogs may attack the enemy. They are meant for providing protection to you and your family and house. They may also attack if they feel any danger from the person.

There is a list of best ten guard dogs

  • Bullmastiff

This is the best breed of guard dog and all characteristics of dogs are found in this single breed. This breed is considered to be physically strong.  Bullmastiff is originated from England. The average span of their life is 8-10 years. They are found in red, tabby and green brown. They are strong, lovable, and defensive towards their owner, courageous, friendly, active and also reserved. They are actually large and big in size as the weight of male Bullmastiff is around 58kgs and the female Bullmastiff is about 47kgs. Height of Bullmastiff ranges in 62-69 cm.

  • Doberman Pinscher

Doberman is the best guard for your family or of your property. This breed remains very reserved with the unknown person and is quite friendly with the owner so this breed is the best protector for you. Doberman is very sensitive breed and response on every single unknown person. This breed is originated from Germany. The average life span of this breed is 11-14 years. They belong to the large breed of dogs and their height is almost 11-14 inches. The weight of this breed is 27-45kg. They are found in much color including black, white and red color.

  • Giant Schnauzer

This is the third best guard dog breed which is use to protect their owners in an effective way and they no room for the strangers. They are very quick and encouraged. By nature these dogs remains calm down but they only bark when they feel any kind of danger near them. These dogs are found in black or salt and pepper color. These dogs are mostly originated from Germany and their average life span is almost 15 years. They weigh 34 kg and the height of these dogs is almost 28 inches.

  • Rottweiler 

This breed is considered for protection purpose and it is renowned to be persistent guards for their owners. They are very intellectual breeds as there learning is very strong.  They are very quick is accessing any stranger and protecting them. They learn the things and habits so they can be trained easily. This breed is available in Black, Tan and Mahogany. The average life span of this breed is almost 10 years. There origin is Germany and the average height and weight of this breed is almost 25 inches and 51 kg respectively.

  • Great Dane

Dane is a very balanced breed and this breed is very active while securing the children and your home. They are very active breed and respond readily to any stranger. Great Dane is very friendly amongst its owner. And the barking of Dane is very alarming and it intimates the owner actively.  This breed is used in the World War as their sense of smell is highly developed through which enemies can be tracked easily so this breed proves to be very useful for sensing purpose. Great Dane needs walks on daily basis due to its excessive weight. Along with the walk this breed is need to be trained until it becomes use to the environment of the home. After they are fully trained then you can take them to the home.

  • Boxer

They are very talented in sensing the intentions of the persons their weight can reach up to 100 pounds. Boxer is highly enthusiastic breed. Their size is generally small as compared to other dogs.  The looks very intimating and violent so there look play a vital role in security.  They need love and care from all the members of the family or owner but in that love and affection they don’t get diverted from their original goals. They and bulldogs are cousins and are originated in Germany.

  • German shepherd

It’s an intellectual breed that is very defensive and faithful for owners. It’s one of the renowned American dog breed and it is famous for its multipurpose and cleverness qualities. They are large size dogs which are normally present in black saddle. The weight of this breed is almost 40kg and their height is 23 inches respectively. The average span of this breed is almost 10 years.

  • Bernese Mountain Dog

The roots of this breed in found in Roman times. They are really an active breed and due to this aspect they can protect the home in an effective manner. When they see any suspicious person they start barking on that person and the owner aware that there is some suspicious activity going on. They don’t have any such serious medical issues. This breed is adapted to cold environment due to their long hairs. They are very friendly but they demands proper attention and care.

  • Saint Bernard

The best thing about this breed is the size of this breed they can weigh up to 180 pounds.  They are not good attacking dogs but the way this breed barks and their size is sufficient for alarming the person that there is some danger. Bu they are the best protector for you as well as for your family.  Until they get mature till then it is hard to train this breed. And their life span is also small due to the weight. Their food intake can be greater than other dogs respectively and they hairs needs to be brushed once in a week.

  • Rhodesian Ridgeback

The Ridgeback symbolizes a solid, well-built and energetic hound, symmetrical and stable in outline. A developed Ridgeback is a good-looking, upright and athletic dog, talented of great durability with a fair (good) amount of rapidity. Of even, distinguished temperament, the Ridgeback is keen and loving to his master, reserved with foreigners. The individuality of this breed is the edge on the back. The ridge must be viewed as the distinctive feature of the breed.




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