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May 25, 2017


10 Big Cat Families Largest Members

Cats are carnivores and they belong to the family of felidae and class Mammalia. Big cats can really growl and they are considered to be big because of their weight, place, height and diet etc.  Most the big cat families are dangerous for human beings.

Here is the list of the top 10 big cat families

  • Tiger

They are the biggest cat family from every aspect including size, weight and other characteristics. These tigers are found in snowy area of Russia due to which they are also known as Siberian Tigers. These tigers are now found rarely in the world there are approximately 350 Siberian tigers alive today.

Heaviness:  weight of tiger is 423kg or 931 pounds

Location: They are found in Rusia, Himalayas and in northern and eastern Asia.

Scientific name: Panthera tigris

  • Lion

Lion is the second biggest cat in this world and it is very big is large. Hunting is done by the female’s lions by most of the time and the group of male, female and child is known as pride.    Lions are the most renowned big cats in this universe. As all the people have a perception that lion is the biggest cat although our perception is wrong but we consider lion to be the biggest cat.

Heaviness:  weight of lion is 598 pounds or 272 kg

Location: they are found in Parts of Africaa, India and Southeastern Europe

Scientific name: Panthera leo

  • Jaguar

Jaguar is the small in size than lion and tiger but is of large size. They are basically belongs to the family of panthers.  This family of cats is ending day by day. Efforts are being made to keep this family alive. They are offered attacked by lion and tigers and fall prey to them.

Heaviness:  Weight of jaguar is 299 pounds or 136 kg

Location: They are found in near lakes and pools of America

Scientific name: Panthera onca

  • Leopard

Leopard is similar to the jaguar but is smaller in size then jaguar. Leopard is also known as Black Panther and it is usually prayed by the lion and tigers just like jaguar. They are many types of leopards which include snow leopard, Sri Lankan leopard, Arabian leopard etc.

Heaviness:  weight of leopard is 260 pounds or 118 kg

Location: They are found in Asia, Africa and India

Scientific name: Panthera pardus

  • Mountain Lion

Mountain lion are also known as Cougar. Many sub species have been recognized of this breed. Population of mountain lion is decreasing day by day as they are not being given due importance.

Heaviness:  weight of mountain lion is 200 pounds or 100 kg

Location: They are found in continent of America

Scientific name:  Puma concolor


  • Cheetah

Cheetah is also for their speed as their speed is 100-120 km/h.  Cheetah also falls under big cats and is more active during the day time and collect met.

Heaviness:  Weight is 160 pounds or 72 kg

Location: They are found in Iran and Africa

Scientific name:  Acinonyx jubatus

  • Eurasian Lynx

The size of Eurasian cat is medium and it is not large as cheetah or lion but their size in usually smaller than domestic cats. Not much attention is given to this breed as it is widely distrusted and there are no threats of its existence.

Heaviness:  Weight is 70 pounds or 30 kg

Location: They are found in centered and eastern Europe, Southern Asia and central East

Scientific name:  Lynx lynx

  • Clouded Leopard 

They are wild cats and in Southeast Asia only two species of this cat had been found. There population is also decreasing day by day.

Heaviness:  weight is 23kg, 51 pounds

Location: they are found in around Nepal, Bhutan, and South of the Himalayas and some areas of Northeastern India

Scientific name:  Neofelis nebulosa

  • Caracal

This type of cats are wild and are mostly find in Africa they are very dangerous and are not friendly as our domestic cats.

Heaviness:  Weight is 42 pounds or 19kgs.

Location: They are found in Central and Southwestern Asia and Africa

Scientific name:  Caracal caracal

  • Marbled Cat

Their size is usually same as domestic cats but is somehow bigger than the domestic cats. There is not much study present on this specie because it is very difficult to locate this specie.

Heaviness:  Weight is 9-18 pounds

Location: They are found in Southeast Asia and India

Scientific name:  Pardofelis marmorata


List of all the big cats is given and it will help us to remove the ambiguity about the sizes and ranking of cats.













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